A team with a unique organisation

Roland Coiffe & Associés is:

  • An international team of 21 staffs, led by its founder, where values like customer service, listening, multidisciplinary and responsiveness are deeply cultivated.

  • An ecosystem expert where each service of the company is inter-connected such as trading, supply chain, customer services. Internal exchange allows speedy of action and fast decision-making.

  • An organisation dedicated to the distribution of Fine Wines. Each market specialist has a global and cross-disciplinary vision.

Founder and CEO

In 2008, Roland created the trading company Roland Coiffe & Associés. Based on a horizontal organization, the spirit of the company is to rely on technology and on its team to be always at the service of its customers. With an international culture, our company has strong values, it is authentic, open to the world, committed in delivering what we promise, courageous and elegant.

Founder and CEO

Doctor, specialised in public health, joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2006 at Novonordisk, and from 2010 divided her time between medicine as a scientific expert and the development of Roland Coiffe & Associés to dedicate herself full time since 2015.

Market Engineer

After a law degree, Vincent decided to study wine marketing. With a master’s degree, relevant internships and more than 6 years of involvement in the gendarmerie, Vincent joins Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2021 to contribute to its development.

Director of Development

Gerda, has an incredible passion for wine, and has a perfect knowledge of Bordeaux acquired within prestigious wine merchants for 25 years. Gerda joins Roland Coiffe & Associés to set up “Inside La PLACE” to provide clients with more information about the properties being sold.

Data Director - European Market Expert

Italian, graduated from Bologna in 2010 with a master’s degree in economic statistics, Enrica started her career as a data analyst and then joined Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2014 and became a key part of the company.

Market Engineer Asia market

A financier, he graduated from the IAE Bordeaux in 2016 and worked for the Bank of China in Lyon. Ming had to move to Bordeaux to follow his wife, Xiatong, and trained in wine marketing and joined Roland Coiffe & Associés.

Director Commercial Intelligence - UK Market Expert

After a degree in economics in 2004, Jean-Marie worked for 6 years in the restaurant business until he became a sommelier at the “Beau Rivage” on the island of Bermuda. With this experience and the desire to experience great wines, Jean-Marie joined a renowned Bordeaux wine merchant, then a courtier and joined RCA in 2017 to lead the in-house commercial intelligence.

Operations Director - US market expert

After training as a chartered accountant and working as an auditor at KPMG, Jean-Baptiste felt that his heart was in the wine business, where he had family ties, and joined RCA in 2017 after an experience in New York as a wine representative. Technology plays a central role in the company and Jean-Baptiste, with his business expertise, accompanies the in-house IT developments.

Market Engineer

With a double degree in business from the University of the West of Scotland in Paisley and a master’s degree in wine management from INSEEC, Marie has a solid experience in BtoC wine sales. Originally from the Vaucluse region of France, she joined RCA in 2021 as a market and events engineer and also as head of marketing and communication with Gerda Béziade.

Market Engineer China market

Having a double technical and commercial competence in wine, having graduated from both a master in oenology from ISVV and a master 2 Wine marketing and management from INSEEC, Xiatong, from Beijing joins RCA in 2019 and establishes RCA’s presence in China.


A keen equestrian, Nadège joined Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2017 to take charge of the accounts but is also invaluable in managing the property’s mares.


With 14 years of experience in an accounting firm and a DSCG diploma in 2008, Stéphanie wanted to put her skills at the service of the development of an SME in her village, also living in Quinsac, and joined Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2020.


Fang arrived in France in 2008 to study for a master’s degree at the Ecole Supérieure de la Rochelle. He joined Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2021 after more than 9 years of experience in the Bordeaux trade in the service of China.


Thierry has been working for the Coiffe family for nearly 10 years, first as manager of the Chateau Bel Air wine estate, which he managed with great success in organic farming, then as manager of the “hand-crafted” logistics of the trading house.


Charlotte was introduced to wine at a young age by her father, who worked in the industry. After gaining experience in a wine logistics warehouse, she joined Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2021.


After more than 10 years of collaboration, it is at Roland Coiffe & Associés that Patricia will end her professional career, full of commitment, both for her profession and for the community as a municipal councilor.


Trained as an accountant after more than 12 years of interim work, Stéphany joined Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2017 and is in charge of export documents.


After multiple professional experiences, Sylvain joined Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2021 to succeed his mother who retired.


Co-opted in January 2022 by her mother-in-law Patricia, her sister-in-law Stéphanie and her brother-in-law Sylvain, Alexandra comes to support the family in its commitment and to enable Roland Coiffe & Associés to offer the best possible customer service.


With more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, Charlène decided to change careers and went back to school to specialize in logistics. Very attached to the Entre-Deux-Mers region and with valuable skills, Charlène has chosen to participate in the development of Roland Coiffe & Associés since 2022.


Co-opted by the Simon family, who are very involved in the RCA service team, and with 10 years of successful experience in the retail sector, Julie, who lives in the neighbouring town of Quinsac, decided to join the world of wine and exports by joining Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2022.


After an experience as a wine merchant, Laura wanted to join the wine trade and joined Roland Coiffe & Associés in 2022 by co-option.