A Job, Negociant

A diversified and well structured portfolio.

Roland Coiffe & Associés's job

  • Distribute Bordeaux Classified Growths and the main Fine Wines of the world.

  • To offer a beautiful range of Bordeaux’s « Petits Chateaux », selected for their good value for money,

  • To represent Chateau Bel-Air’s vineyard and wines, organic family estate in Cadillac Cotes de Bordeaux Appellation.

Constantly growing

A Growth leader in France

Since its creation 10 years ago, Roland Coiffe & Associés is the only one wine merchant of Bordeaux that realised such a big growth during the last 10 years.¹

Rated by the french Newspaper Les Echos  as TOP 500 of “Growth champion in 2018, 2019 and 2021”, Fr.Statista.com.

A « Market releaser »

Beyond this economic performance, Roland Coiffe & Associés is also a significant market releaser in the Bordeaux area, by selling roughtly 1 million bottles per year². The high end “Fine Wines” specialty of the company is reflected by the average selling price.³ Roland Coiffe & Associés is focused on the export market: 90% of the turnover outside France, 43 customers-countries invoiced, around 400 professional customers.⁴

A few figures

Turnover Growth 2008-2021. ¹
Volume growth in bottles 2008-2021. ²
Average selling price 2008-2021. ³
Turnover by area in 2021. ⁴