The Estate

The vineyard is about 9 hectares, at Quinsac, renowned as one of the best terroir in the “Côtes de Bordeaux”

An outstanding location

Bel-Air is literally positioned on THE « Première Côte » (first cliff) of Bordeaux, more than 80 meters above the Garonne river, on top of the limestone cliff. This position at the head of the cliff is a unique specificity in the Bordeaux area.

Bel-air has an outstanding point of view at 180 degrees which allows to see the Garonne river, the Landes and even sometimes the Pyrenees on the days with perfect visibility

« A patchwork of terroir with a very good potential »

The soil is made of clay, which allows the perfect expression of Merlot.


All the famous terroirs of Bordeaux region are represented at Bel-air: gravel, clay and sand all of it above a limestone cliff.

The slope is steep and exposed to south and south-west. Without barrier from the Atlantic, the vines are taking full advantage of the temperate oceanic climate.

The vineyard is animated by a breeze coming from the ocean, which develops the grapes maturity. The name of the estate, Bel-Air, comes from this fresh and good breeze.