• Roland Coiffe & Associés distributes the best Fines Wines from Bordeaux and other regions.

Roland Coiffe & Associés

Roland Coiffe, from a prestigious wine merchants and Chateaux owners family in Bordeaux, founded his company in 2008.

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26 May 2023 

Inside La Place – Journalist The Wine Advocate

William Kelley Gerda: Can you tell us about your background? William Kelley: I am a wine lover who became a wine critic. I had opportunities to taste great wines in my younger years, especially during my studies at Oxford University (Doctorate in History) where I was in charge of the Wine Circle tasting group. In 2015, […]

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17 May 2023 

Inside La Place – The ascent to Château Ausone… 5 gems from the Vauthier family 

Pauline et Edouard Vauthier Managers and co-owners It is always a great pleasure to meet Pauline and Edouard Vauthier at Château Ausone. They are two dynamic young people living in the midst of their exceptional terroir. Here, there are no ostentatious signs, but a true life of winemakers attached to their land. In this Inside […]

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3 May 2023 

Inside La Place – Bordeaux 2022, Resilience

INSIDE En-Primeurs week with Gerda Gerda: During this week of discovery and tasting of the 2022 En Primeur wines, I have reflected on all the very visible changes within Bordeaux chateaux, affecting all aspects of the trade, from agronomy to winemaking. The 2022 weather conditions felt like a projection into the future, with unprecedented levels of […]

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19 April 2023 

Inside La Place – Domaines Perrodo

Marjolaine de Coninck Director Domaines Perrodo Domaines Perrodo Château Marquis d’Alesme, 3ème Grand Cru Classé en 1855, Margaux Château Labégorce, Margaux Château La Tour de Mons, Margaux Met by Gerda   Gerda: Tell us about you… Marjolaine de Coninck: I consider myself as a builder. I love having projects that are like new pages in […]

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14 April 2023 

Inside La Place – “My philosophy : respect for humans and nature”

Hubert de Boüard Director Hubert de Boüard Consulting & Oeno-lab Co-owner Château Angélus Met by Gerda   Gerda: Tell us about you… Hubert de Boüard: I describe myself first as a winemaker who was born and raised at Angélus. I am someone passionate about the vine and wine. When my father stopped working in 1985, I […]

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7 April 2023 

Inside La Place – Fine Wines Expert 

Michael Egan Expert Met by Gerda   In the same way as the luxury market, wine is also affected by counterfeiting. Châteaux are therefore implementing colossal measures to protect their bottles from being replicated. This phenomenon is growing and today’s counterfeits often have nothing to do with the vulgar, though still present, imitations that were […]

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30 March 2023 

Inside La Place – “In the footsteps of my family”

Guillaume Thienpont Technical Director Working at the estate since 2011 Met by Gerda at the Château Vieux Château Certan Château Le Pin Pomerol   Gerda: Tell us about you… Guillaume Thienpont:  I could summarize by saying that I am passionate about my job. The vineyards of Vieux Château Certan and Château Le Pin are the […]

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23 March 2023 

Inside La Place – D’Yquem’s versatility

Mathieu Jullien (left) Marketing & Sales Director Lorenzo Pasquini (right) Estate Manager Met by Gerda at the Château Château d’Yquem 1st Grand Cru Supérieur Classé en 1855, Sauternes   Gerda: Approaching the release of Château d’Yquem 2020, I had the opportunity to discuss with Lorenzo Pasquini, Estate Manager, and Mathieu Jullien, Sales and Marketing Director at […]

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