A Team

An efficient team of 20 people

Roland Coiffe & Associés

An efficient team of 20 people, the company has a customer service open 7/7. Animated by its General Manager Roland Coiffe & Associés has an international team of 20 people trained to offer the most efficient customer service and reactivity.

Sales team


Our sales representatives are available 24/7 to interact with our customers all around the world.


Golwinne Coiffe, Enrica Fioretti, Yingmeng Xie, Karine Paillaugue, Jean-Marie Guyonnet, Jean-Baptiste De Lamy, Roland Coiffe et Raphaël Courbon

Administrative and Logistic team


Established at Chateau Bel-Air and managed by Marine Le Corre (General Secretary) and Marianne Wangermez (Administrative and Financial manager).


The Logistic team interacts with the Chateaux, carriers, freight forwarders and logisticians all around the world.
The team takes care of purchases, inventory, supply chain and coordinates shipments around the world.